ZebraWeb™ was founded by a Division 1 collegiate football official who is also a technology integration executive. His mission continues to be focused on empowering conferences/sports organizations, schools, officiating coordinators and sports officials with the technology and resources they require to streamline all processes related to sports officiating services. 

 Every sports organization operates with different processes and workflow. VantageSportz understands this and prides ourselves on tailoring an environment that is specific to each and every organization. Through a state of the art sports officials assigning system, full data reporting capabilities (officials evaluations, observer reports, coach feedback, game reports, post game notes…), valuable training aids and the streamlining of official’s game fee payments, this can be realized by using the right integrated web-based system. Our focus was to develop that system…and that’s just what we accomplished.

We also realize the importance of managing our officials associations and developed our ZebraSecretary Console system to assist with streamlining the operations of official’s associations. Tracking meeting attendance, paying dues online, tracking finances, online testing, self-paced e-Learning for officials, committee reports and more. We understand the importance of the development of each and every official and are dedicated to providing training aids, valuable resources and technology that encourages individual growth, rules knowledge, mechanics and sportsmanship. 

ZebraWeb and VantageSportz also believes in giving back to the community through; fund raising activities, event sponsorship and contributing to those in need.


Leave the tedious department work to us and get back on the field!